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Problem With Social Selling

Social selling works but is tedious, tiresome & time consuming- founders grapple with inefficient methods.
There is a more efficient way (Automated Audience Building) - Let's show you!

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Audience Building with

Option 1: Do it Manually

1. Spend hours listing potential leads.
2. Scroll LinkedIn endlessly.
3. Monitor each lead's interests.
4. Maintain detailed Excel sheets.
5. Dedicate an hour daily for weeks.

Option 2: Get Help

1. Spend hours searching for VAs.
2. Establish onboarding guidelines.
3. Entrust your brand to a stranger.
4. Manually update tracking sheets.
5. Pay a significant portion of your budget.

Audience Building with BlueMoso

Hop On An Onboarding Call

Take five minutes to answer questions about your ideal customer profile and provide examples. This enables our algorithm to identify themes and spot quality prospects.

Receive Engagement Opportunities

Log into your dashboard to access up to 10 fresh engagement opportunities daily:

1. Review Opportunities: Scan 5 active engagement prospects.
2. Decide to Engage: Choose whether to interact with the post.
3. Refine Comments: Approve or edit the AI-crafted comment.

Witness Effortless Engagement

Connect seamlessly with your audience and transform them into loyal customers.
Sit back and watch your business thrive.

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Save 8-10 hours every week ->

Take this extra time to dedicate more attention to other critical aspects of your business, such as strategic planning, customer relationship management, or team building.

Establish authentic relationships with your audience ->

Connect meaningfully with your audience, building trust and loyalty that drives long-term success. Engage in genuine interactions without the hassle.

Stay at ease, knowing you have full control over your brand ->

Maintain full oversight of your social selling strategy. Avoid the risks of outsourcing and ensure your brand message remains consistent and authentic.

Witness your revenues increase ->

Watch your sales grow as you engage with high-quality leads daily. Directly attribute your increased earnings to a streamlined, efficient social selling process.

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